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Lòng Người Thay Đổi

N/a (2011)

Status:31/31 Tập

Thể loại:Tình Cảm

Đạo diễn:Jung Dae Yoon

Diễn viên:

Thời lượng:31 Tập

Lượt xem:35,397

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Lòng Người Thay Đổi
Hwang Tae Hee is the daughter of a chaebol and team leader at her workplace. She is married to Bong Joon Soo who works at the same company. When Bong Joon Soo's ex-girlfriend, Baek Yeo Jin, who happens to be Hwang Tae Hee's rival as well, begins to work in her team, troubles start to surface. Tae Hee has to juggle her challenges in love with those in work, helping shape her boss and department director, Goo Yong Shik, from an insensitive and uninterested second generation chaebol to a true leader. Tae Hee's seeming success in love, however, presents her with another problem as she begins to realize that marriage involves just as many obstacles to overcome.
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