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Khi Mẹ Ra Tay

Aenggeuri Mam (2015)

Status:8/16 Tập

Thể loại:Tình Cảm

Đạo diễn:Aenggeuri Mam

Diễn viên:

Thời lượng:16 Tâp

Lượt xem:6,421

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Thông tin phim:
Khi Mẹ Ra Tay
- Jo Kang Ja was once a legendary badass in her teenage days—and as a Busan girl, she would have been extra rough-and-tumble. Daughter to a sashimi-restaurant-owner mother who loves to swear and a father with a rap sheet for fighting, Kang Hee inherits her parents’ penchant for cursing, quick temper, and sashimi knife skills.
- As a young mother, she is the kind of person who prefers dramas to news or current events. But when she finds out that her daughter, Oh Ah Ran, is being victimized by bullies at school, she decides to do something about it directly, and what ensues is a positive, upbeat, and poignant” story that seeks to highlight trouble spots in South Korea’s educational system.
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