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Bếp Lửa Gia Đình

Be Home For Dinner (2011)

Status:140/160 Tâp

Thể loại:Tâm Lý, Hài Hước

Đạo diễn:Updating...

Diễn viên:Updating...

Thời lượng:160 Tâp

Lượt xem:129,837

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Bếp Lửa Gia Đình
Chung Kwok-Chu (Elliot Ngok) is a renowned food critic and an assistant editor-in-chief of a newspaper, Ko Jim Daily. When his son, Si-Hon (Jason Chan) returns from Canada, Chu is disappointed to find that Si Hon intends to become a chef rather than taking up a professional career. His attempts to guide his son away are thwarted when Shum Bui-yee (Kristal Tin), a well-known and respected chef, reluctantly accepts Si-Hon as her assistant.
– At the Chung household, Chu has to face his bickering younger brother Kwok-Tung (Stephen Au) and Si-Hon’s aunt, Suen Ma-lei (Yvonne Lam), his second wife Bo Kwai Sum (Helena Ma) who worries that she is not doing enough as a stepmother, and how children, half-siblings Si-Hon and Si-Na (Katy Kung) do not understand fine foods as he does. As members of his family manage to find a way to get along, Chu and his family find that friends and co-workers changing their family dynamic again.
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